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TracerMate Leak Location System Provides Low-Cost Leak Isolation for Loop Applications

Cincinnati Test Systems has integrated the INFICON Sentrac hydrogen leak detector into our benchtop TracerMate leak location system to provide a low-cost atmospheric leak locating system. The TracerMate unit is used to execute and manage evacuation, backfill, and testing sequences with integrated pneumatics. The Sentrac INFICON hydrogen gas leak detector provides a wide range of test sensitivity for small, medium, and large leak detection. By integrating these two instruments, CTS provides the capabilities to locate and isolate a leak with a high degree of accuracy using a simple handheld probe. This probe monitors the PPM (parts per million) of hydrogen in the air around the part, using an electronic hydrogen sensor calibrated to detect concentrations of hydrogen gas higher than normal background levels. TracerMate leak location systemLeaks are reported by leak rate volume, with an audible alert and color status light. Pre-configured for quick and easy operation, the TracerMate system is capable of properly evacuating parts to ensure proper pressurization so that the tracer gas reaches a leak path quickly. At the end of the test cycle, the TracerMate re-evacuate and vents the part to control hydrogen background in preparation for the next test cycle. The TracerMate CS is ideal for production and repair loops and other applications where part assemblies fail final inspection due to leaking seals and/or leaking component parts. For customers who require testing using other tracer gases such as helium, the system can communicate with other leak detection devices used for sniffing or tracer gas accumulation testing. Cincinnati Test Systems will be demonstrating the TracerMate CS system at our exhibitor’s booth (#N10838) at the upcoming AHR Expo. The 2017 AHR Expo is scheduled for January 30 through February 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Plan now to stop by and see our leak test technology in action.
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