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TracerMate CS Nitrogen Purge System Detects HVAC/R Leaks

Cincinnati Test Systems’ TracerMate CS nitrogen purge system is a new tracer gas leak test solution that provides increased sensitivity to detect micro-leaks in HVAC/R assemblies.

TracerMate CS nitrogen purge system provides innovative Engineering for Reliable Leak Test Results

Other, more conventional tracer gas sniffer systems analyze for tracer gas content with background present. This presents a problem, as helium concentration in the atmosphere can fluctuate, making it difficult to distinguish good products from bad, thus resulting in false leak failures. CTS’ patented nitrogen clamshell test process solves the helium concentration problem, ensuring highly repeatable accuracy. The TracerMate CS uses low pressure nitrogen to force ambient background away from the leak test area, thereby creating a clean, “tracer gas free” environment for the mass spectrometer to sample and detect micro-leaks as small as 1x10 -6 atm-cc/s. TracerMate CS Nitrogen Purge System

Our nitrogen purge technology features inner and outer chambers that surround the part test area. These chambers have ports that allow nitrogen to fill the cavity and force out ambient atmosphere. During the leak test cycle, nitrogen flow into the inner chamber stops, the cavity collects tracer gas, and the chamber is continuously sampled by the mass spectrometer to detect the presence of tracer gas leaking out of the assembly. The outer chamber provides a constant low positive-pressure nitrogen curtain to hold back and prevent ambient background from entering, effectively isolating the inner chamber from the test environment. The TracerMate CS unit is an all-in-one tracer gas management system, providing evacuation, test pressure, a gross leak test, tracer gas backfill, and process exhaust features. The system is easy to operate and integrates easily for system operation and test results management. Custom benchtop models are also available to support a broad range of part test applications. 

Download our complimentary guide, "Tracer Gas Leak Testing in the Manufacturing of HVAC/R Assemblies." 

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