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The Basics of CTS Ethernet/IP Communication

To meet customer demand and improve the performance and functionality of our leak test instruments, Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) provides advanced EtherNet/IP communications software. As the standard leak test communication option for our Sentinel I28, Sentinel C28Sentinel Blackbelt, and Sentinel Blackbelt Pro devices, EtherNet/IP provides greater I/O capacity via standardized CIP programming.

High-Efficiency Control, Configuration & Messaging of EtherNet /IP

Conformance tested by ODVA to ensure flawless operation and verified data exchange that works the first time, every time, EtherNet/IP provides a unified communication network. It allows you to efficiently control, configure, and send messages between CTS leak test instruments and Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® or CompactLogic™ PLCs (programmable logic controllers).

While all our leak testing instruments feature a number of I/O connections, there are times when the available inputs and outputs are not enough to control and monitor all the necessary processes. With EtherNet/IP, your CTS device will gain 10 pre-configured inputs, nine defined outputs, and 16 user-definable inputs and outputs.

Built for simple plug-and-play functionality, EtherNet/IP connects your CTS instrument to the PLC via a single cable utilizing the RJ45 network communication port. Hardware based I/O systems require that devices be physically installed, including hardwiring of individual ports. EtherNet/IP is a software-only package, making installation fast and easy and eliminating the need for time-consuming rewiring. All it takes is a few minutes to program and connect devices through EtherNet/IP. Through the connection, users can carry out Sentinel instrument I/O functions, machine functions, and communications from the PLC.

EtherNet/IP also relays real-time test results and data, machine test errors, and other vital data. Test information can be displayed, recorded, and stored for future use.
Ethernet IP
Features & Benefits
  • 10 preconfigured inputs, 9 defined outputs
  • 16 additional programmable I/Os
  • Easy, one-cable RJ45 interface connection
  • Fully software-based for fast installation & connection
  • Control & monitor I/O functions via PLC
  • Real-time test messaging of pass/fail, errors & system I/O status directly to PLC or remote terminal
  • Active program selection
  • Send & receive ASCII barcode information along with test results (for Blackbelt and I28 devices)
  • Provides test summaries including data & query of complete data string
  • Latch feature for multi-device communications
  • Standard communication option for CTS devices—no extra charge for installation, licensing, etc.
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