Effective Leak and Blockage Testing of Vascular Access Sheaths

Reagent Vascular access sheaths, also referred to as sheath introducers or introducer sheaths, operate as a blood-blocking access port where catheters and guidewires can then more easily and effectively be threaded into a patient’s vasculature.  These devices are commonly designed with a molded and ... Read More

How to Effectively Leak Test Reagent Cartridges

Reagent cassettes are commonly used in larger bio labs or point-of-care facilities for infection verification or genetic determination by automated and semi-automated diagnostic (IVD) testing, gene sequencing, and micro-array scanning instrumentation/analyzers.    Leak testing can be performed on ... Read More

How to automate your test system for medical device leak and blockage testing, reducing operator dependence and increasing efficiency

Medical device manufacturing requires effective, consistent and accurate testing—proper functioning in the field relies on it. Automating your leak test and blockage testing systems enables medical device manufacturers to reduce human operator error, minimize false rejects and increase ... Read More

Leak Test Systems, Transmission Flow Valve

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) manufactures a variety of pressure decay leak test systems that are engineered to accommodate specialized leak testing applications. This unique transmission flow valve test system is a prime example—it delivers accurate and efficient leak testing, with an indexing ... Read More

Flow Testing and The Sentinel Blackbelt

If you need high performance, highly accurate leak and flow testing, but have limited space available, the Sentinel Blackbelt benchtop instrument from Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) is just what you need. Even if you have hundreds of square feet available, the Blackbelt is still an excellent choice, ... Read More