An Introduction to CTS Leak Standards

Leak masters are a certified part calibrated to a specific leak rate and pressure. They can be used to calibrate a leak test instrument in test lines and manifolds, or in a master part. A standard CTS leak orifice is made up of a crimped stainless-steel rod, inside a holder of your choice, that is ... Read More

5 reasons to maintain annual recalibration of leak test equipment

If you rely on leak testing equipment on your line, we recommend annual recalibration to ensure your leak tester is always performing at its best, on every test. Annual recalibration provides many benefits, including those below.    Support optimal functioning of your leak tester Over time, your ... Read More

CTS’ Worldwide Service & Support

Worldwide Service & Support: Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) offers more than just the industry’s best production test systems—we also provide world-class customer service and support. With over 35 years of experience, and over 30,000 test instruments in action around the globe, we have the ... Read More

Sentinel Instrument Recalibration

Is your Sentinel leak detection system up-to-date and calibrated correctly? Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) offers factory and onsite instrument recalibration that is fully traceable to NIST standards. Factory or Onsite Leak Test Instrument Recalibration For many users of CTS products, annual ... Read More

Single-Point Calibration vs. Two-Point

When testing leak rates, it is important that leak test instruments are properly calibrated to ensure accuracy. Many people use a single-point process, usually looking at pressure loss values, to calibrate their leak test instruments. However, at Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS), we know you can’t get ... Read More