How to Identify Leak Rates to Meet IPxx Standards

IPxx testing, or ingress protection testing, offers a globally recognized standard by which to test and rate any sealed device for its dust and moisture leak resistance. It is a leak standard that must be tested for in a growing number of industries, including medical, military, consumer products, ... Read More

Convert Dunk Testing from Bubbles to Measurable Leak Testing

The simplest and least expensive type of leak rate test is dunk testing for bubbles. Even if you know nothing about leak testing, you have probably used a bucket of water to find a leak in an inner tube by looking for bubbles. The principle is always the same—immerse the part and look for bubbles ... Read More

Optical device leak testing: Ensuring military-grade devices stand up to harsh environmental conditions

Military-grade optical sighting devices are an excellent example of how determining the right leak test for the job isn’t just a matter of desired test cycle time and target leak rate. We must always consider the application for the device and the environmental extremes in which it will be used. ... Read More

Ideal methods for IP67 device and sealed component leak testing

In our previous post, we discussed the use and parameters of IP67 (and IPxx) ratings. In this post, we will discuss ideal methods for IP67 device and sealed component leak testing. The ideal approach for leak testing to the IP67 standard is to test with air, using a volumetric fill test with ... Read More

What is an IP67 and IPxx rating? What manufacturers need to know

IP67 is a specification that’s part of an international ratings system for ingress protection for determining how well an electrical enclosure can withstand penetration, or ingress, by dust and moisture. Read More

Sealed Device Leak Testing

What Is Sealed Device Leak Testing? Sealed device leak testing is a method of leak testing “sealed” products that don’t have ports, valves, or any other way to apply pressure or vacuum for testing purposes. A dry and nondestructive test process, it is an effective way of ensuring that sealed ... Read More

IPxx Leak Test Solutions from CTS

IPxx ratings have long been applied to industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, military equipment, and other “heavy duty” machines. But recently, consumer products like the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 smartphones are being built to meet IPxx standards. However, just as surely as the ... Read More

Why Use Volumetric Fill Testing for Sealed Parts?

There are many leak testing methods, some are more general or multi-purpose, some are highly specialized. This variety of leak testing options makes it possible to use several different processes to test the same part or product. However, not all tests are created equal—one method may return a ... Read More