5 Ways to Leak Test Refrigeration Condenser Coils

All types of refrigeration appliances and systems contain condenser coils. Though they may vary in size and design, they share the common need for leak testing in manufacturing. Their shape and the number of brazed joints to be checked can make detecting leaks a challenge, and the use of more ... Read More

Strategies for HVAC Leak Testing

Every heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system should be free from leaks to be efficient and safe. However, leaks can be introduced into HVAC systems during manufacturing and assembly, and aging HVAC systems can develop leaks over time. Because many refrigerant leaks are small, they ... Read More

How to achieve accurate low leak rate testing: Adapting to new manufacturing standards in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry

Leak testing of pipe joints, tubes and fittings in refrigeration and air conditioning components such as coils and compressors during assembly manufacturing is critical. Tests must be accurate and reliable, or products could have serious problems for consumers in the field.  Recent changes to the ... Read More

CTS Solutions: Hard Vacuum Mass Spectrometer Test System with Tracer Gas Technology for Refrigerant Expansion Valve Testing

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) had customer in need of a test solutions: leak testing their refrigerant expansion valves. The customer needed to verify that the assembly was assembled correctly and that all the joints were leak tight. To meet the micro-leak rate specification, CTS provided a ... Read More

TracerMate CS Nitrogen Purge System Detects HVAC/R Leaks

Cincinnati Test Systems’ TracerMate CS nitrogen purge system is a new tracer gas leak test solution that provides increased sensitivity to detect micro-leaks in HVAC/R assemblies. TracerMate CS nitrogen purge system provides innovative Engineering for Reliable Leak Test Results Other, more ... Read More