An Introduction to CTS Leak Standards

Leak masters are a certified part calibrated to a specific leak rate and pressure. They can be used to calibrate a leak test instrument in test lines and manifolds, or in a master part. A standard CTS leak orifice is made up of a crimped stainless-steel rod, inside a holder of your choice, that is ... Read More

The updated Sentinel Blackbelt: Most powerful single-channel benchtop leak tester on the market

Manufacturers around the world rely on the multi-functional Sentinel Blackbelt. Why? With so many standard features and available options, it’s easy to customize a leak test for a wide variety of scenarios. Read More

6 things you didn’t know you could do with the Sentinel I28

Cincinnati Test Systems’ Sentinel I28 is a popular instrument for use by our customers because it is one of the most advanced multi-functional test instruments on the market. It is a flexible instrument, configurable for a variety of pressure decay and mass flow testing requirements. Read More

Why does your part have a negative leak rate?

First, let’s define a negative leak rate. The pressure loss of a production part is less than the pressure loss observed during the first calibration cycle (the control test) on the leak-free master part. This measures as a less-than-zero flow, or a negative leak rate. Your production part being ... Read More

Is a leak rate required for pressure decay testing?

A common question we hear is whether a volumetric leak rate, such as standard cubic centimeters per minute (sccm), is required to carry out pressure decay leak testing. The short answer is no. But while it’s not mandatory, it may be helpful to have. First, let’s revisit how a pressure decay test ... Read More

QualityWorX CTS DataHub: CTS and Sciemetric Release New Joint Product

QualityWorX CTS DataHub: CTS and Sciemetric have launched a new product that gives customers a simple, cost effective tool for analyzing leak test data and performing test-to-test comparisons. 19 July 2018—Harrison, OH—Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) and Sciemetric are pleased to announce the ... Read More

CTS Solves Brazed Joint Leak Testing Conundrums

Recently, an HVAC systems manufacturer was faced with a unique challenge with leak testing: they needed a way to leak test the brazed joints in one of their products at final assembly. With multiple joints of varying sizes, all of which need to be tested to rates of 1/10 ounce of refrigerant loss ... Read More

TracerMate Leak Location System Provides Low-Cost Leak Isolation for Loop Applications

Cincinnati Test Systems has integrated the INFICON Sentrac hydrogen leak detector into our benchtop TracerMate leak location system to provide a low-cost atmospheric leak locating system. The TracerMate unit is used to execute and manage evacuation, backfill, and testing sequences with integrated ... Read More

TracerMate CS Nitrogen Purge System Detects HVAC/R Leaks

Cincinnati Test Systems’ TracerMate CS nitrogen purge system is a new tracer gas leak test solution that provides increased sensitivity to detect micro-leaks in HVAC/R assemblies. TracerMate CS nitrogen purge system provides innovative Engineering for Reliable Leak Test Results Other, more ... Read More

Blackbelt Pro Medical Syringe Assembly Testing

The Sentinel Blackbelt Pro from Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) delivers superior versatility that allows users to perform a variety of leak tests. This multi-test, multi-port, multi-channel leak test instrument is ideally suited to leak and blockage testing for medical syringe assemblies, providing ... Read More