9 considerations to find the right CTS Connect® leak test connectors and seals

Finding the proper seal or connector for your leak test can feel daunting. There are many variables to consider to ensure a tight, reliable fit during test. Cincinnati Test Systems makes this easy with our CTS Connect® line of connectors, seals, and fittings, each designed to meet the challenges of ... Read More

Working to Perfect Your Testing Application

At Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS), we know that every testing application is different. Therefore, a “standard” CTS Connect unit won’t necessarily be right for your unique needs. To meet the challenges of your specific testing application, we can customize our connectors to provide a better more ... Read More

A Quick Guide to Cincinnati Test Systems Connect Accessories

To improve and enhance the performance of our CTS Connect products, Cincinnati Test Systems offers a range of connect accessories. These specialty products are designed to accommodate unique testing applications, and to help you get the most out of your CTS connect accessories. CTS Stem Extensions ... Read More

Unique Design Challenges and Solutions

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has been designing and manufacturing leak detection equipment and function test systems for 35 years. In that time, we’ve encountered parts and components in all shapes sizes, and configurations, all of which require reliable testing options. To that end, we’ve ... Read More

Custom Sealing Solutions for Leak Testing

There are countless parts and components that require pressure testing, and those parts and components come in countless configurations. As such, there’s no one connector that will safely and reliably fit every test piece. Fortunately, Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) offers custom connectors, custom ... Read More