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CTS Solves Brazed Joint Leak Testing Conundrums

Recently, an HVAC systems manufacturer was faced with a unique challenge with leak testing: they needed a way to leak test the brazed joints in one of their products at final assembly. With multiple joints of varying sizes, all of which need to be tested to rates of 1/10 ounce of refrigerant loss per year, the HVAC devices proved difficult to test by other methods. “Sniff-type” leak testers were not accurate or repeatable enough, and prior testing of similar products lead to consistent false leak failures that cost the company time and money. Seeking an effective and reliable solution, the HVAC company turned to Cincinnati Test Systems. A Customized Nitrogen Purge Test System To provide the leak testing capabilities required, Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) designed a customized solution based on our patented Nitrogen Purge leak detection technology. Built into a hand-held, clam shell casing, this custom leak tester is easy to maneuver and clamp over the brazed joints for testing. Nitrogen purge testing provides dependable background control, and can reduce or eliminate the need for hard vacuum testing. Our nitrogen purge technology improves sensitivity in sniff-type leak detectors, reducing background to roughly 10-6 atm-cc/s for micro-leak detection and reliable repeatability. CTS offers this technology in both hand-held and benchtop configurations. Leak Testing Hand Held Clam Shell This customized leak testing device features inner and outer chambers that surround the part test area. Ports in the chambers allow low-pressure nitrogen to fill the cavity, forcing out ambient atmosphere and creating a “helium-free” test environment for sampling and micro-leak detection. The inner chamber of the leak tester collects tracer gas as it leaks through the part’s brazed joints. The outer chamber provides testing isolation by maintaining a low positive pressure nitrogen curtain that prevents ambient atmosphere from reentering. This atmosphere isolation improves testing sensitivity and accuracy while eliminating false leak failures. TracerMate CS Provides System Controls This customized leak tester uses CTS’ TracerMate CS tracer gas management system to control system evacuation, test pressure, gross leak test, tracer leak backfill, and system exhaust processes. The TracerMate CS module also makes it easy to integrate a mass spectrometer helium detector for additional control, management, and testing functions. The Leak Test Experts CTS provided a custom nitrogen purge solution for the HVAC manufacturer’s unique leak testing challenge. We offer standard and custom leak test devices, and will work with you to find the perfect solution for your application. Contact us today to discuss your leak testing needs.
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