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CTS’ Customizable Pressure Decay Leak Test Systems - Part 1

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) designs and manufactures pressure decay leak test systems that deliver highly accurate results in quick cycle times for fast, efficient testing. Our pressure decay test systems are ideal for a broad range of applications, and can be customized to meet your specifications. [caption id="attachment_168" align="aligncenter" width="812"] Dual Station Pressure Decay Leak Test System |CTS Dual Station system pressure decay system designed to independently leak test a die cast housing.[/caption]

Dual Station Cylinder Head Leak Test System

This specialized dual station leak test system was designed to test front and rear engine cylinder heads to ensure the castings meet manufacturer specifications. Both test stations function the same way, with custom part fixtures and part clamping and sealing supports that allow parts to be tested independently or simultaneously. CTS’ dual station cylinder head leak test system tests “as cast” parts with air checking for flow (blockage) and cavity leakage. This pneumatically operated device provides automated part clamping and sealing along with semi-automatic operation—once test parts are manually loaded and the system is activated, the system can complete the part testing with no operator intervention. Parts are automatically shuttled to the test position, clamped, and sealed to isolate the test cavity. The actual leak test is then initiated, utilizing one of our Sentinel I28 test instruments. Status lights provide pass/fail/test malfunction reporting. When testing is finished, parts are returned to the load position. Cycle time is approximately 42 seconds. [caption id="attachment_159" align="aligncenter" width="240"] Leak Test | CTS Sentinel 128[/caption] The Sentinel I28 test instrument provides mass flow testing up to 3,000 sccm, as well as pressure/vacuum decay testing from vacuum to 500 psi and higher. Leak Test Experts |Cincinnati Test Systems
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