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EtherNet /IP Got Easier with New Software


EtherNet /IP Communication Option Provides Additional I/O

EtherNet /IP customers have been asking Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) for an add-on input/output (I/O) module for our leak test instruments to provide more system control for some time. With our EtherNet /IP software, additional digital I/O capacity has finally arrived! EtherNet/IP ODVA

EtherNet /IP: More I/O for More Control

EtherNet /IP functionality allows our Sentinel I28, Blackbelt, C28WE, and C28DP instruments to connect to an Allen Bradley Compact Logix® or Control Logix™ PLC. The PLC, of course, provides the controls the user needs to operate the machine. Our leak test instruments already include numerous I/O connections that allow machine builders to control certain functions (total number of I/O ports varies by model).

However, there are times when more I/O is needed to control and monitor all the processes that are required. That’s where the new standard ‘no extra cost’ EtherNet /IP Communications option will not only save you money but also provides additional I/O you may need for communicating with the test system. EtherNet/IP provides a simple plug-and-play communication interface between the PLC and the CTS instrument. EtherNet/IP provides more test instrument I/O; for starters 10 pre-configured inputs and 9 outputs. These fixed inputs and outputs provide common machine function control. Additionally this provides 16 user-defined programmable inputs and outputs. Using EtherNet/IP communications the PLC controls the test system while monitoring the leak test instrument so the PLC knows what the instrument is doing at all times. 


In addition to status reporting, EtherNet/IP also relays leak test result summary data, a query of full result measurement information, and other vital data to the PLC. This test system information can be displayed, recorded, and stored for future reference. EtherNet/IP provides a set of fixed, pre-configured I/O points that are built into the program’s structure. These predefined features provide the following functions and capabilities:
Fixed Pre-Defined Inputs Fixed Pre-Defined Outputs
Start Channel Instrument Ready
Stop Malfunction
Reset Program Accept
Vent/Halt Program Reject
New Reset Clear New Reset
Change Program (with Byte for #) Requested Reset Available
Latch 1 Set Requested Result Error
Latch 1 Clear Latch State 1
Latch 2 Set Latch State 2
Latch 2 Clear  
For programmable I/O, users can select up to 16 inputs from 30 available input functions and 16 available output functions from 33 functions to their meet your unique leak testing requirements.
Available Input Functions Available Output Functions
Start Channel Malfunction
Start Program Tool Extend 1
Stop/Reset Tool Extend 2
Hold Tool Extend 3
Vent/Halt Tool Extend 4
Program Cal Tool Extend 5
Open Leak Stud In Relax
Part Present Program Cal Mode
SPC Test Part Program Cal Master
Program Select B1 Program Cal Leak Standard
Program Select B2 Press Select
Program Select B3 Prefill
Program Select B4 In Fill
Program Select B5 Fill Valve
Program Select B6 In Stabilize
Program Select B7 Isolation Valve
Common In Test
Tool Ext Fdbk 1 Test Passed
Tool Ext Fdbk 2 Test Failed
Tool Ext Fdbk 3 Bellow LL
Tool Ext Fdbk 4 Between Limits
Tool Ext Fdbk 5 Above HL
Event Trigger In Exhaust
Ext Press Sw Program Exhaust
Tool Ret Fdbk Program Reject
Tool Ret Fdbk 5 Server Leak
Tool Ret Fdbk 4 Part Acc Mark
Tool Ret Fdbk 3 Part Rej Mark
Tool Ret Fdbk 2 Tool Retract 5
Tool Ret Fdbk 1 Tool Retract 4
  Tool Retract 3
  Tool Retract 2
  Tool Retract 1

EtherNet/IP Easy Installation

[caption id="attachment_42" align="alignright" width="300"] EtherNet/IP Click Here for EtherNet/IP Details![/caption] With a hardware-based I/O system, the device must be physically installed, which often includes hard wiring individual ports and other difficult, time-consuming processes. But, because it is a software package, installation is fast and easy using standard plug-and-play RJ45 network interface. CTS provides function block Programming with each instrument to establish EtherNet /IP communications between the CTS test instrument and the Allen Bradley PLC. Just a few short minutes are required to set up the program and connect the EtherNet /IP interface and is fully compatible with any Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® or CompactLogix PLC™. The new I/O program can be field retrofitted with existing models of any of the four instruments listed above. CTS leak test instruments with built in EtherNet/IP communications starting in February 2016. For more information, or to order your own EtherNet/IP-enabled leak test instrument, contact Cincinnati Test Systems today. EtherNet/IP  
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