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Cylinder Head Leak Testing, Fast & Effective

There is no better or more effective way to leak test engine cylinder head leak testing than Cincinnati Test Systems’ unique two station engine cylinder head leak testing system. Powered by our Sentinel Blackbelt Pro multi-channel concurrent leak test instrument, this specialized system allows for independent or simultaneous pressure decay leak testing of left and right engine cylinder heads. It delivers accurate and reliable test results for up to 34 parts per hour.

Semi-Automatic, Dual Station Pressure Decay Testing

The Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) engine cylinder head leak testing system is a semi-automatic device with two test stations, each with a specially-designed tooling fixture—one for left heads, one for right heads. It can be used to test L/R versions of the same part or two different model parts. The operator manually loads a part or parts onto the system’s sliding tooling plate and starts the test cycle. The system then automatically moves the part(s) to the test position, where an automated pneumatic part clamp hold the part(s) in place. Part ports are pneumatically sealed and tests are performed automatically, with no need for operator intervention. Sensors detect the part(s) and adjust the test cycle accordingly—left station testing only, right station testing only, or dual station testing.

The Leak Test Cycle

Two CTS Sentinel Blackbelt Pro testing units built into the system (one for each test station) are used to conduct four different pressure decay tests on each tested part. The first of these tests checks the cylinder head’s water jacket; the second and third tests run simultaneously and test oil passages and spark plug holes; the fourth and final test checks the exhaust and intake ports. Test pressure for all processes is 20 psig, with a leak rate of 12 scc/m. Sentinel Blackbelt Pro for Cylinder Head Leak TestingCylinder head leak tests that pass all tests are automatically marked by the machine; rejected parts are not marked. After all test processes are finished, the system’s part clamps and seals are released, and the part(s) are returned to the “load” position for unloading. The entire test cycling, including automated positioning, takes roughly 68 seconds. Part loading and unloading generally takes about 45 seconds. Overall, the system is capable of testing up to 34 engine cylinder heads per hour.

Cylinder Head Leak Testing Powered by Blackbelt Pro

The Blackbelt Pro modules included in the cylinder head leak testing system are complete units—the same ones we supply individually for pressure decay testing operations—each with the full complement of high-performance features. They provide independent, four-port, multi-channel testing, with concurrent or sequential testing options. The Blackbelt Pro units offer testing versatility, with leak, flow, pressure, and vacuum testing capabilities.  Onboard storage allows for retention of up to 999 test programs, with optional program linking.  EtherNet/IP connections and full-color 9” touchscreens provide an easy-to-use operator interface. Contact Cincinnati Test Systems today for more information on our two station engine cylinder head leak test systems.
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