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Helium Reclaim Solutions from CTS

Helium Reclaim Solutions are the ideal tracer gas for leak testing. Reclaiming and recycling helium is a smart move both financially and environmentally.

CTS Helium Recovery Systems

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has been the worldwide leader in helium testing, management, and reclaim systems for over 30 years. We offer high performance helium reclaim systems in six standard models, up to 300 psig, and we can design a custom helium reclaim system that will meet your exact requirements. We make it easy to find the right helium solution for your application. All standard and custom systems monitor the helium concentration they supply to the process. Should the concentration fall below set limits, pure helium is automatically added to the reclaimed gas to maintain the required concentration. These units deliver reclaimed helium to storage tanks where the gas is filtered, checked for concentration, replenished as needed, and pressurized. Recovered gas is housed in certified storage tanks for future testing.

With recovery efficiency as high as 98 percent and atmospheric or sub-atmospheric recovery capabilities, CTS helium reclaim units save you money by recycling your helium tracer gas. Standard features of CTS helium reclaim units include top grade, oil-free industrial compressors with noise dampening enclosures, automatic or manual startup and operation capabilities, automatic gas dryer and filtration systems, and automatic low gas level alarms. Built-in electronic gas analyzers and Allen Bradley PLCs (programmable logic controllers) ensure reliable, repeatable performance. Statistical control and data acquisition capabilities give you the operational information you need, and full-color, touchscreen operator interfaces provide exceptional ease of use.

Helium Reclaim Solutions for Every Application

CTS can provide standalone units, support multiple machines, or provide custom, plant-wide helium recovery systems to fit the needs of your facility. High pressure systems, water cooled systems, and more are available as needed. Most tracer gas recovery systems are expandable to accommodate increasing testing and reclaim needs. As mentioned above, our CTS helium reclaim systems can also be customized to your specific application. Optimized gas mixing, system integration capabilities, proof/evacuation/fill instruments and more can be added to existing models to create a custom helium reclaim unit with all the capabilities you need.

Cincinnati Test Systems can install your system for you, as needed, to ensure optimum performance with minimal downtime and minimal disruption to your daily operations. We also offer training to help you get the most out of your helium reclaim system from day one. There’s a CTS helium reclaim system for every industry and every application. Contact Cincinnati Test Systems today for more information!
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