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Brake Leak Test - CTS - Part 4

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) designs and manufactures portable air break leak test systems that deliver highly accurate results in quick cycle times for fast, efficient testing. Our portable air break leak test system is ideal for a broad range of applications, and can be customized to meet your specifications. [caption id="attachment_169" align="aligncenter" width="373"]  Brake Leak Test | CTS Brake Leak Test[/caption]

Portable Air Brake Leak Test System

We designed this portable test system to leak test air brakes on commercial vehicles like semi-trucks, construction equipment, and agricultural tractors. The system was designed for easy transport between test locations, and quick connection to the vehicles’ air systems. Integrated air supply hoses were provided, with onboard hose reel storage on a welded steel frame with casters for portability. Controlled by our Sentinel I28 leak test device, this portable air brake leak test system delivers between 1 and 200 psig and performs pressure decay leak testing with a resolution of 0.00005 psig/s. It features ½” high-flow pneumatic valves for quick fill and exhaust. Once connected to the test part, the I28 test instrument automatically performs a complete pressure decay leak test cycle. Indicator lights provide continuous test status updates. Upon conclusion of the test, the I28 provides a test report of measured parameters, complete with time stamp and serialized event history. This system can be programmed to communicate with a Production Management System interface. This interface can be used to identify the vehicle, validate test specifications, and download and update test parameters from the I28 to use in air brake leak testing. This application required the inclusion of an onboard battery backup for applications where 110 VAC power is not readily available.

The Leak Test Experts

For over 35 years, CTS has been a leading manufacturer of precision pressure decay test systems. We have the experience and the expertise to develop a customized system that meets the unique requirements of your application. Request a quote on a customized pressure decay leak test solution, or contact Cincinnati Test Systems for more information.
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