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Blackbelt Pro Medical Syringe Assembly Testing

The Sentinel Blackbelt Pro from Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) delivers superior versatility that allows users to perform a variety of leak tests. This multi-test, multi-port, multi-channel leak test instrument is ideally suited to leak and blockage testing for medical syringe assemblies, providing concurrent synchronous or asynchronous testing for up to four test parts. If you’re leak-testing medical syringes, you need the Blackbelt Pro—it’s the most accurate and effective benchtop leak test instrument you’ll find anywhere!

Blackbelt Pro Highly Accurate Pressure Decay Leak Testing for Medical Syringes

Sentinel Blackbelt ProDesigned to independently test medical syringes, the Blackbelt Pro is a manual, four-station pressure decay test system. A single Blackbelt Pro unit can test up to four syringe assemblies simultaneously, with a single operator to load test parts, execute test cycles, and unload parts upon completion. Testing is a relatively straightforward process. The user loads syringes into special test fixtures that are connected peripherally to the Blackbelt Pro and starts the test cycle by simply pressing the “Station #1 Start” button. The test parts are sealed automatically, and the Blackbelt Pro initiates the pressure decay leak and blockage tests. The first test process uses a quick pressure decay test to check for blockages. Parts are pressurized to 3.0 psig, stabilized, and tested for minimum pressure loss of 2.0 psig in just 0.1 seconds. The second test uses pressure decay to detect leakage. The seals are maintained, and parts are pressurized to 27 psig. They are then stabilized, isolated, and tested for less than 0.05 psig loss, all in roughly four seconds.

High Throughput Testing with No Loss of Accuracy

Tests are then repeated concurrently across every engaged test station, either in sequential (test station 1, then station 2, then 3, then 4) or asynchronous fashion (test individual stations in any order the operator requires). Both test setups allow the operator to unload a part after it’s tested and load a new, untested part in its place for continuous, non-stop testing. This feature, along with the Blackbelt Pro’s quick test times, allows users to test up to 900 parts per hour. Pass/fail results for tested parts are indicated by green (pass) or red (fail) indicator lights. Parts that pass inspection can be unloaded and a new part loaded in their place; rejected parts remain locked into the connection fixtures until the operator hits that station’s “Stop” button to release the part.

The Leak Test Experts

CTS has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing highly accurate and highly repeatable leak test instruments for over three decades. The versatile, fast, and easy-to-use Blackbelt Pro provides reliable performance for medical syringe assembly testing and numerous other pressure decay testing processes. Contact Cincinnati Test Systems today to learn more about syringe assembly testing with the Sentinel Blackbelt Pro.
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