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What is a differential pressure decay leak test and when is it used?

Pressure decay leak testing is sensitive to very small leaks, economical, and reasonably simple to implement. But to ensure a reliable and repeatable test result, it must be calibrated to an accurate leak standard, defined by volumetric flow, test pressure, and the test volume of the part. Read More

Optimizing your leak test station: The importance of plumbing and fixturing

A leak test that is reliable, repeatable, and fast enough to keep pace with production begins with how the test part is connected to the test instrument.  Let’s start with the obvious – the primary cause of misleading test results is leaking seals and fittings. Choosing an ideal seal The best seals ... Read More

Ideal methods for IP67 device and sealed component leak testing

In our previous post, we discussed the use and parameters of IP67 (and IPxx) ratings. In this post, we will discuss ideal methods for IP67 device and sealed component leak testing. The ideal approach for leak testing to the IP67 standard is to test with air, using a volumetric fill test with ... Read More

What is an IP67 and IPxx rating? What manufacturers need to know

IP67 is a specification that’s part of an international ratings system for ingress protection for determining how well an electrical enclosure can withstand penetration, or ingress, by dust and moisture. Read More