Recent Posts by Dave Kralovetz – Global Medical Device Testing Specialist

Effective Leak and Blockage Testing of Vascular Access Sheaths

Reagent Vascular access sheaths, also referred to as sheath introducers or introducer sheaths, operate as a blood-blocking access port where catheters and guidewires can then more easily and effectively be threaded into a patient’s vasculature.  These devices are commonly designed with a molded and ... Read More

How to Effectively Leak Test Reagent Cartridges

Reagent cassettes are commonly used in larger bio labs or point-of-care facilities for infection verification or genetic determination by automated and semi-automated diagnostic (IVD) testing, gene sequencing, and micro-array scanning instrumentation/analyzers.    Leak testing can be performed on ... Read More

Reliable Leak and Blockage Testing of Medical Microfluidic Chips

Microfluidic chips may be tiny, but these devices perform a big job in healthcare. These mass-produced “lab-on-a-chip” devices perform chemical analyses of extremely small volumes of fluids. Read More

Choosing Effective Leak Test Seals and Connectors for Medical Device Manufacturing

In the medical manufacturing industry, reliable quality testing is of the utmost importance—particularly when it comes to leak testing. And an accurate and reliable leak test starts with leak test seals and connectors you can trust. Leaking seals are the primary cause of misleading leak test ... Read More