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3 Quality and Leak Testing Trends in eMobility Manufacturing

Looking at the news on any given day you’ll see a story on a new type of electric or alternate fuel vehicle—from cars, motorcycles and trucks to tractors, boats and even airplanes. While these advancements are exciting, these new categories of vehicles create some real challenges for manufacturers ... Read More

Greater demands on EV batteries call for more stringent leak testing methods

Over the past few years, we have seen a substantial shift in the automotive market towards electric vehicles. As EV sales continue to rise, automobile manufacturers are extending their electric options to more of their line, which has included high-performance electric sports cars, trucks, and ... Read More

EV battery pack leak testing: Challenges and solutions

One of the great technical challenges of manufacturing electric vehicles is ensuring the performance and safety of the large battery packs which power them. A leaking battery is more than just an inconvenience. The most common type of EV battery, lithium ion, can burst into flame or even explode if ... Read More

Control temperature for a better mass flow or pressure decay leak test

When implementing a mass flow or pressure decay leak test in a production environment, there is one thing that will dominate above all else and be your greatest source of problems—the management of temperature-related issues. Ideal Gas Law: The importance of temperature  The key to understanding ... Read More